About Nikki G

Music Lover | Radio Producer/Presenter | DJ Selecta | Music Blogger


So a little about ME! 

I was a late bloomer into the wonderful world of music, coming from a very strict family with a dad who was a Minister of the church, I was only allowed to listen to Christian music.  Due to this, I was pretty much starved of decent music my entire childhood!

It wasn’t until a friend at school gave me my very first cassette tapes when I was around 14 years old that I found my joy of music!  (Forever thankful Megan Skelton…bless!) Those first tapes just happened to be Bob Marley’sLegend’ and Lenny Kravitz’s ‘Are You Gonna Go My Way’….which propelled me into a huge love affair with Reggae music that is still so strong to this day!

Once I left home, music became more dominant in my life.  Firstly it was mainstream music, what I would hear on the radio.  I used to religiously listen to Triple J and loved being introduced to new music by friends and lovers.  Friends of mine took me to a local Full Moon Dance, where the line-up consisted of 4 original bands who were under the mainstream radar.  These quarterly events, plus venues like Solbar and the Iconic Peregian Originals and of course all the Music Festivals fostered my pure love for Roots/Reggae, Funk n Soul and World music….and gave me a whole new world of artists and bands to explore.  I started supporting these events, heading out to see live bands in my local and surrounding areas, meeting and connecting with so many fellow music loving peeps along the way!  Our household became TV free, with music constantly tantalising our eardrums instead.

It was a chance meeting years later, when I was out with my husband at a local music venue that my love of music went next level.  A lovely stranger approached us and started chatting about Community Radio and how she was a presenter at her local station.  I was so intrigued, which then turned into excitement when she told us the station ran courses, and at a really affordable price.  Next minute (well 3 months later) I landed a slot at Noosa FM, producing and presenting my music show ‘Hammock Sessions’ playing 2 hours of Roots/Reggae, Funk n Soul and World Beats every Wednesday night.  Producing the show saw me with my ear to the ground, constantly sourcing new music, immersing myself deeper into the music scene and beginning the journey of making music my life!

My role at Noosa FM  led me to volunteer my time helping at one of my favourite events Peregian Originals, manning the Merch Tent on behalf of the station.  I went from punter to helper, which saw me liaising with artists and bands every month and a few years later landed me on the board of East Coast Originals.  I then began facilitating these events when needed, booking bands to play and proactively doing my bit to keep this amazing community event thriving.

It was through Peregian Originals that I was approached and offered the opportunity to be mentored and learn the ropes of becoming a Booking Agent and Band Manager through Little Wing Agency, which I gratefully accepted.  I learnt a whole other side to the industry and began managing and booking for a Brisbane reggae band along with booking tours all along the East Coast from Darwin to Melbourne for up and coming touring bands.  I found this really rewarding, knowing that I brought together venues and bands for some great live original shows.

It wasn’t until I was asked to be a guest Dj Selecta at a local major music venue that I stumbled across my true passion!  I spun tunes for 3 hours and thought I had died and gone to heaven!  While my radio show demanded that I talk on air….I found that with DJing, I could simply share music that made my heart sing…and it gave me such a buzz and an instant knowing that THIS is what I want to do with my life ~ Share positive music that raises the vibration and brings people happiness in a world often filled with doom n gloom!

And here we are…..

Now I get to Present Music on Radio, Play music that I love at venues and events and Write about all things MUSIC, which makes me ONE HAPPY GAL, following my passions and living my dream!